Ancillary Services Automation

Invoicing Services

Apex currently automates invoicing for allergy & vestibuar testing companies. We itemize each transaction captured in our patient history & testing forms. Invoices are then curated for each practice that services are provided at. These invoices are then sent to the client in various ways depending on the client.

Intake Forms

Apex currently automates patient information capture for allergy & vestibuar testing companies. We work with companies to create custom forms that capture everything from patient history, tests performed, and results/document upload. We can also create multiple step forms. One use case is when a technician submits a patient history and patient test data. This is then sent to an Audiologist for review. The Audiologist then selects the patient from a drop-down and fills out the patients results & diagnosis which is sent to the ordering physician.

Document Curation

Apex currently automates a variety of documents for physicians & ancillary services. Some we currently create are patient results, patient history report, insurance verification reports, and practice invoices. These documents can be integrated with a variety of 3rd party API’s. Most of our products come from controlling all aspects of document curation from information intake, formatting, document upload, the end document, and where that document then ends up. This allows us to be very efficient and cost effective for our clients.